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"If it's convenient, it probably isn't inclusive."

Workshops + Educational Development


"[This workshop helped me think about] our need to be more courageous in explicitly articulating DEI and social justice values and aims in our program and institution, especially in recognizing the ways these articulations can (and often are) politically weaponized against educators, diversity workers, and administrators. This weaponization should not produce timidity in us."

"Initially I was not certain whether my race and gender (WOC) were leadership strengths, or liabilities in a way. With the new definition of leadership I know they are strengths. Thank you!"

Educational Developers of Color

If you are an educational developer of color and would like to join this project, click here to add your name to the database.



Dr. Brooks offers talks and workshops on various topics to institutions. These topics include:


Rigor as Inclusive Practice

Antiracist Pedagogical Practices

Antiracist Writing Practices

Linguistic Equity

Anticolonial Pedagogy

Dr. Brooks has presented at the University of Florence (Italy), University of North Dakota (ND, USA), North Carolina Agricultural & State University (NC, USA), St. Norbert College (Wisconsin, USA), University of California, Davis (CA, USA), Berea College (KY, USA), Barnard College (NY, USA), among others. If you would like to schedule a workshop, please use the form below.

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Looking forward to collaborating with you!

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